Aikatsu: Kanon's Story! (アイカツ:花音物語 Aikatsu: Kanon no Monogatari!?) is an Aikatsu fanseries. It focuses on three girls trying to become the top idol.


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"Hello! My name is Miyako Kanon, and I'm a student at Starlight Academy, a school for idols! Along with my two best friends, Reikacchi and Leah-chan, I go to all sorts of auditions, and we have fun everyday! Being an idol is so fun, you'll come and follow our idol activities, right?"


Starlight Academy

Miyako Kanon (美夜子花音?): Kanon is childish, and clumsy. She makes a lot of mistakes, and fairly reckless. However, she's also cheerful, an optimist, athletic, and never gives up! She can also be full of herself at times too. She enrolled into Starlight Academy after losing her map and accidentally running into the school. She's a cute type idol whose preferred brand is Locked Heart.

Umi Reika (海麗華?): Reika is mature, and smart. She seems to have the answer to everything. However, she gets easily flustered, and easily forgets things, or gets too caught up in her Aikatsu. She also unexpectedly enjoys Halloween, and scaring people, after getting over her fears of such things. She's a cool type idol whose preferred brand is LoLi GoThic.

Hanae Leah (花絵リーア?): Leah is one of the most mature students at Starlight Academy. She acts cold, and hardly ever opens herself up, not even to fans. Anyone who didn’t know her would label her as emotionless. She has quite a talent when it comes to being an idol, even being one of the top in the school. At the beginning of the series, she is also a bit of a sore loser. She's a sexy type idol, whose preferred brand is Dolly Devil.

Kido Himawari (木戸ひまわり?): Himawari is a confident and upbeat girl, who lived in America for the majority of her life. She tends to follow her gut, and has a talent of making the room's atmosphere less heavy. However, she's pushy, quite ignorant at times, and doesn't listen to things she doesn't like. She's a pop type idol, whose preferred brand is Vivid Kiss.

Kumiko Kaori (久美子香?): Kaori is a graceful and elegant girl, who hold herself like a princess. She takes her work very seriously, often forgetting to smile. She likes to be alone, yet she'll do anything for her fans. She used to be extremely shy and sensitive, and still sometimes shows those traits.She's a cute type idol, whose preferred brand is Dreamy Crown.




  • This series is told in first person view, by Kanon.