Heart Link Pretty Cure (ハートリンクプリキュア Hātorinkupurikyua?) is a Pretty Cure fan series created by CureRay. It centers around five girls who become legendary angels, Pretty Cure.


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The land of Céleste is a land where all the guardian angel fairies live. They watch over humans from Earth, and make sure they're safe and happy- even if they fail at times. However, one day a great evil attacks, and harms many guardian angels. This causes Earth to basically break;the levels of despair in the world skyrocket. So, Enzuru, an angel in training goes out to find the Pretty Cure, the only people who can save the world.


Pretty Cures

Yukimura Momoko (雪村桃子 Yukimura Momoko?): Momoko is optimistic, ambitious, and likes to help others. However, she's a bit of a coward, not the brightest, and isn't all that confident. She also has a weak body. She transforms into Cure Colourful (キュアカラフル Kyua Karafuru?) the angel of happiness. Her theme colour is pink.

Akimoto Kaede (秋山楓 Akimoto Kaede?): Kaede is mature, independant, confident. However, she has a big ego, and isn't the best at working in a team. She transforms into Cure Cherry (キュアチェリー Kyua Cherī?) the angel of beauty. Her theme colour is scarlet.

Nakahara Sachiko (中原幸子 Nakahara Sachiko?): Sachiko is athletic, energetic, carefree. However, she tends to not take things seriously, and not think about other's feelings. She transforms into Cure Primrose (キュア・プリムローズ Kyua Purimurōzu?) the angel of passion. Her theme colour is yellow.

Kobayashi Yuuka (小林優花 Kobayashi Yuuka?): Yuuka is intelligent, kind, thoughtful. She likes to draw. However, she's also shy, clumsy, and not athletic at all. She transforms into Cure Meadow (キュアメドウ Kyua Medou?) the angel of gentleness. Her theme colour is green.

Suzuki Miku (鈴木美空 Suzuki Miku?): Miku is graceful, but also mysterious. She's talented at many things, but mostly does them half-heartedly. She's also cold, and takes things way too seriously. She's a guardian angel in training, called Sora, who seems to be keeping a secret. She transforms into Cure Spirit (キュアスピリット Kyua Supiritto?) the angel of hope. Her theme colour is blue.

???: The mid-season cure. The only information revealed about her is she represents forgiveness, and her theme colour is white.


Enzuru (エンゼル Enzuru?): An energetic fairy, who wants to do her best for the cures. However, she's inexperienced and young, which means she often makes things worse by accident. She was chosen to search for the cures due to her pure heart. She's also a guardian angel in training.


Déchu (デチュ Dechu?): The head of Larmes. At the moment, not a lot is known about him, aside from his strength. However, rumours say more information will be revealed soon.

Petite Lily (プチ・リリー Puchi rirī?): One of the generals of Larmes, who's greatly powerful. For a few episodes, she pretends to be a girl called Suzuki Sayuri (鈴木小百合 Suzuki Sayuri?), who only ever appears in front of the group while Miku is absent, for some reason.